Episode 177: Minty Lewis


When my sister’s beloved dog passed away just before my trip to LA, Minty Lewis did me a solid. When I wanted to commission a portrait of a Yorkie, no other artist made any sense. After all, the cartoonist had made a name for herself in the indie comics community filling minis full of the little terriers and talking fruit — much of which can be found in her 2009 Secret Acres collection, PS Comics. These days Lewis has a more profile gig scripting storyboards for the hit Cartoon Network series, The Regular Show, a job that’s also landed a voice over gig as Eileen, a shy bespectacled mole who waitresses at a coffee shop. The cartoonist has also parlayed the gig into her own pilot, Bottom’s Butte, starting Freaks and Geeks alum, Busy Philips. Lewis and I met up at a Japanese restaurant in Toluca Lake, to hand off the Yorkie picture and discuss her animated output.

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