Episode 053: Marc Maron (Again)


With this episode, Marc Maron becomes RiYL’s first-ever repeat guest (forgetting for a moment, the last-minute double-header from Dave Hill), and it’s appropriate, really. Last time felt rushed. Granted, there’s no shortage of places to catch the comedian these days, but a 15 minute time limit just doesn’t feel sufficient.

IFC gave us a bit more time to spread out, this go-round, though I had a few reservations off the bat. For starters, I was warned this was the last of a day full of interviews.  It was a day or two before the premier of the second season of Maron, his self-titled sitcom about a self-obsessed comedian hosting a podcast out of his cat-filled Los Angeles garage.

Maron's 24 hours in New York began by stepping off a redeye from Los Angeles early this morning, into the gauntlet of media interviews, culminating with our 6PM chat in the lobby of his hotel. Turns out jetlag can do wonders for a free-flowing conversation, and things actually went along pretty well.

By way of background, Maron and I first met years back when I appeared on his Air America video podcast, turning him on to the strange world of electronic cigarettes, back when the things were little more than glowing blue novelties imported from Europe. It didn’t really stick.

From there, it’s a conversation about drug addiction, Las Vegas, writing loosely veiled autobiography and, you know, podcastin'.

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