Episode 087: Mary Timony


“I feel like this band is what I’ve been search for during my entire musical career.” Some pretty strong words from someone who’s been in bands like Helium and Wild Flag — and, of course, there's the matter of all of those solo records. But when Ex Hex takes the stage a few hours after our interview, there’s no question that Mary Timony is in her element. Indie rock, post-punk — all of those subgeneres are rendered moot when the band hits the stage. The trio that tears through a dozen songs in front of a packed Mercury Lounge is a just a good, old fashioned rock band.  Any lingering doubt is put to rest by the two song encore. Having expended all of the songs from their excellent debut, Rips, the band launches into a pair of covers — first Johnny Thunders, then the Real Kids. And everyone goes home satisfied. So, how did Timony arrive at such a state of rock and roll bliss? We reach way back to her days learning classical violin, up through the off-season that she spends teaching guitar to youngsters to get a full picture of her musical journey.

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