Episode 172: Gabrielle Bell


I haven’t seen Gabrielle Bell much since she moved out of the city. New York spoils you like that. Makes getting even a half hour outside of the city seem like a chore. It’s been a few years since we’ve sat down for an interview, and despite efforts to sync up, we just kept missing each other every time she was in town. 

 Thankfully, we were able to catch up following a memoir panel at MoCCA back in April, a sort of mutual lovefest, also featuring past guests Jennifer Hayden and Nicole Georges. 

 Though Bell’s classifying Bell’s work as straight memoir is perhaps something of a misnomer. For her, reality is only really a jumping off point into tales of something more casually fantastic, a sort of daydream come true. 

 We found the noisiest diner in all of Chelsea to discuss her magical realism, absent-minded sketching, and making friends outside of the city.

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