Episode 179: Carrie Poppy


I feel obligated to say that I was very tired when we record this. I had just gotten off a plane from New York to LA, and Carrie Poppy was kind enough to let me crash on her couch for the night. We turned on the mics and started podcasting almost immediately, because hey, why not? We sat at the dining room table, which was littered with all manner of herbs and over the counter remedies. Research for the latest episode of Oh No, Ross and Carrie, the Max Fun podcast Poppy hosts with fellow skeptic Ross Blocher, which features a broad range of investigations, from organized religion to oxygen bars. The episode the pair were currently preparing for on the topic of nootropic smart drugs was a relative walk in the park after a multi-part series in which the pair infiltrated the Hollywood wing of the Church of Scientology, an act that garnered the attention of a number of best of podcasting lists -- and the church itself.  Naturally, we start the conversation with talk of plane crashes.  

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