Episode 181: Graham Clark and Dave Shumka (Bonus)


Back in 2008, two funny guys saying funny things into microphones with an optional third funny friend was the concept a podcast needed. But we’re living in the age of Serial, a time when show need a central idea to set themselves apart from millions of like-minded shows. Eight years after launching Stop Podcasting Yourself, comedian comic duo Dave Shumka and Graham Clark are giving their loyal audience even more bang for their podcasting bucks with Our Debut Album, a monthly podcast in which the pair force themselves to write and record a song in an hour. At the end of the twelve-part mini-series, the pair will have produced a full album, downloadable independent of the show.It’s as engaging as it is ambitious, both in term of content and monetization, a strategy that looks to generate income without a single mail order mattress ad. On this bonus episode recorded over Skype, the comedians join us to talk songwriting, supplemental income and what podcasting’s legacy will mean for future generations of Shumkas.

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