Episode 214: R. Sikoryak


“My method is slowly eliminating my style from the work,” R. Sikoryak explains during our long and wide-ranging interview. As with nearly every other creative pursuit, style is one of the key elements of expression, but the cartoonist has spent much of his life working against developing his own. After all, his best known pieces like Masterpiece Comics  work in opposition to original stylistic sign posts, instead immersing themselves fully into a rotating cast of existing artists. The book plays with juxtaposition of high and supposed low art, casting some of the world’s great works of literature with characters from the Sunday comics page. Sikoryak’s latest work, Terms and Conditions finds the artist taking a similar approach, albeit with a widely distributed but largely ignored work: the fine print that arrives with every new Apple device. The new book is a perfect springboard for a conversation about originality, sampling and the ways our brains are wired to find narrative where none exists.

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