Episode 215: David Lloyd


We’re back from a brief hiatus for a conversation with cartoonist David Lloyd. Recorded at an Irish Pub a few blocks from the MoCCA Fest art show that brought him into town, Lloyd discusses his on-going work as the editor of Aces Weekly, an online anthology he believes hold the key to post-paper comics reading. Lloyd is, of course, best known as the artist on the seminal 1988 Alan Moore collaboration, V For Vendetta. The book inspired a 2005 film and created the iconic Guy Fawkes mask that has since become an online calling card for the hacktavist group, Anonymous. The artist says he has no qualms about being most strongly identified with the work, given the opportunities its opened, including the ability to better promote Aces. The last time we spoke, Lloyd was out promoting Kickback, a book a he’d both written and drawn, whose timing perfectly coincided with the V for Vendetta’s DVD release. A series of unfortunate incidents tied to the book played a key role in the artist’s decision to turn his back on mainstream comics. A few years later, opportunity presented itself once again in the form of online publishing. These days, the artist solely plays the role of editor, having largely abandoned the artist side of things. And from the sound of it, he’s mostly content — aside, of course, from a somewhat heated debate toward the end of the conversation about experimenting with mediums.

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