Episode 254: Emily Haines


“The thing that is the product is the excrement,” Emily Haines posits, loosely paraphrasing English writer, Jeanette Winterson. “The thing that is of value is the experience.” We’ve only got half an hour for an interview, as she rolls through town to promote her latest solo project, Choir of the Mind, and by the end it feels as though we’re racing to cram as many ideas as possible into that brief window of time. The Metric front woman and Broken Social Scenester is a self-proclaimed “bad meditator,” but she clearly has no issues living in the moment. She’s equally reflective, as well — an artist who’s clearly thankful for where her skills have helped her get. Haines’ first solo in 11 years in an exploration of memory, the result of returning home to Toronto after years spent in New York City. It’s the story of the cyclical nature of one’s life confronted by the realization that we’re invariably vastly different people than we were the last time we set foot on a familiar block. Fresh off a limited run of solo shows, Haines is happy to be back in the city she once called home, if only for a few moments. And from the sound of it, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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