Episode 267: Pete Bernhard (of The Devil Makes Three)


I first heard The Devil Makes Three bleeding through the thin walls of Santa Cruz house all hours of the day and night. The trio had only just formed and practice seemingly nonstop a set of songs that would form the basis of their self-titled debut. There was nothing like them in Santa Cruz at the time, a music scene populated by freak folk, indie-noise and skater punk, but the band’s single-minded focus on stripped down, bluegrass inspired punk country was precisely what helped them stand out. And the fact that, in spite of those never ending practice sessions, they seemed to enter the world fully formed.  The world has, of course, come around to the band’s music. The band was perfectly positioned to be embraced by the indie scene’s newfound love affair with Americana, and had the songs and showmanship to back it up. When I met up with the trio, they were about to take the stage to an enthusiastic crowd at Brooklyn Steel, singing along to every song. Pete Bernhard, the band’s singer and guitarist sat down to catch up on the last 15 years and talk about what’s next for the group.

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