Episode 269: Yoni Wolf (of Why?)


We start by talking about food. Something most musicians take for granted on road, but Yoni Wolf’s struggles with Crohn's disease have made him acutely aware of what he puts into his body. It’s a subject that’s featured heavily in his work, including, most notably the decidedly dark Mumps, Etc. 2017’s Moh Lhean finds Wolf in a reflective state. Having embraced meditation, mindfulness and writings by American buddhist writers like Sharon Salzberg, the practices make themselves known throughout the record as sung mantras and snippets from teachers like Ram Dass. It’s spiritual in parts, without being overbearing, a complex mix of musical styles, including, most prominently, indie rock and hip-hop. And somehow it all works.On a down night during touring, Wolf and I sat down in a hotel room in rainy Brooklyn to discuss illness, spirituality and dealing with music critics.

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