Episode 302: Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic (of The Get Up Kids)


After that first breakup, the press tends to regard everything as a reunion show. As Matt Pryor and Jim Suptic are quick to note, however, The Get Up Kids have been around as long in their current iteration as they were the first go-round, at 10 years a piece. Reforming has clearly given the legendary emo band a second lease on life, however. This year, the group released Kicker, its fist album of material in seven years. The four-song EP finds them revitalized, and their live sets show no sign of flagging. The members live in different parts of the country, with family responsibilities — a far cry from their teenage beginnings in Kansas City. But the group clearly enjoys playing after all these years, and is already discussing the next record as we sit down bag stage at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.

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