Episode 305: Tom Tomorrow


In an age of uncertainty, This Modern World has remained a rare consistent. For nearly 30 years, the strip has offered a staunchly leftist take on the week’s news, outlasting many of the world leaders its lampooned, along with most of the alternatively weeklies that carried it. Back in 2015, artist Tom Tomorrow celebrated the strip’s 25 anniversary with an ambitious Kickstarter-backed collection. The campaign far exceeded its initial goals, pulling in more than $300,000 — a number that required Tomorrow to get a tattoo of long-time mascot, Sparky the Penguin. These past few years, have proven a bit more of a struggle. The ascendence of Donald Trump has turned the world of political satire on its head, forcing the cartoonist and his ilk to rethink their approach to political comedy. Recently relocated to New York City, Tomorrow sat down to talk about keep the weekly strip fresh after nearly three decades.