Episode 315: Georgia Webber


In 2012, Georgia Webber stopped talking, save for 15 or so minutes a day. The act of vocalizing had simply become too painful. A year later, she began to serialize Dumb, the story of her struggles as a vocal abuser (the official diagnosis). The work follows the young cartoonist as she struggles to adjust to living without speech, concocting methods for communicating with friends and family and otherwise coming to grips with a newfound fact of life. Initially self-published, the book would later be collected by Retrofit Comics and, ultimately, as a single volume by Fantagraphics, which debuted over the summer.  These days, when she does speak, Webber takes a measured approach,  choosing words carefully. In this conversation, the cartoonist discusses the insights her struggles have given her into the ways in which we chose to communicate.

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