Episode 317: Douglas Rushkoff returns


When Douglas Rushkoff asks you to chat, you say yes. We’ve spoken to the visionary media theorist a dozen times over the years, and each opportunity always yields fascinating new results. These days, Rushkoff is peddling Team Human. What began as a weekly interview show with a wide range of subjects is now a book — a kind of manifesto for socializing in particularly bleak times. Along with uncanny predictive powers, the author has long been a champion of the transformative potential of technology. But Team Human finds Rushkoff bemoaning the isolating nature of ubiquitous technologies and late-stage capitalism. In all this, however, he remains ever an optimist for mankind’s resilience — too rare a quality in his chosen field. Having finished the book, Rushkoff describes his current crossroads, determining what his career will look like, going forward, and the role he can play in helping more voices be heard.

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