Episode 319: Liana Finck


It’s never quite clear where the memoir ends and the fairy tale begins in Passing for Human, and for Liana Finck, the distinction is incidental at best. Growing up, her home life was spent in a fantastical house built by her architect mother, provide a warm escape from the sometimes harsh realities of school life. These days, the artist is far more social, with a pool of friends in New York City and a growing army of admires amassed through Instagram comics and then the New Yorker. Her pen and ink work bares the influence of older cartoonists like Jules Feiffer, but the storytelling is uniquely her own. Fresh off the press push for her latest work, Finck sat down with us in Manhattan to discuss the ups and downs of socializing, the genius of Nabokov and the difficulty of telling one’s own story on the page.