Episode 322: (Bonus) Lu Olkowski


Unhappy as a creative director at Nickelodeon during the heady days of Ren and Stimpy, Lu Olkowski left the board room and offices behind to pursue her long time passion for public radio. The major career change found her starting over from scratch in a related, but still completely foreign field. Inspired by shows like This American Life, Olkowski entered the world of public radio as intern, rediscovering the harsh realities of creative pursuits along the way. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear she made the right choice, her work having now appeared on Radiolab, Studio 360 and All Things Considered, to name a few.These days, she is happily exploring the freedom of podcasting, including her work as the host of the CBC series, Love Me. In this wide ranging conversation, we discuss the ups and downs of giving it all up to pursue creative passion.

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