Episode 327: Hannibal Buress in Africa


A few minutes into our conversation, Hannibal Buress injects mid-question, “How is it my first interview in Nigeria is with a white dude?” busting up mid-way through. The whole scene’s admittedly odd. We’re seated across from each other in my Lagos hotel room. My wheeled suitcase is flipped upside down on the coffee table, with my recording setup gingerly placed on top. The comedian hasn’t slept that night and I’ve been up for about three minutes. Buress is in great spirits, however, having flown to Nigeria to check out the sub-saharan African startup scene. It’s his first trip to the country, and appears to be having the time of his life. Slightly groggy on both sides of the mic, it’s a fun conversation nonetheless, about comedy, community and that notorious Lagos traffic.


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