Episode 330: John Famiglietti (of Health)


The band calls it “dog.” It’s an ever present quest to get heavier, and with each subsequent record, Health’s members demand more of it. Other groups that have been doing this for nearly 15 years might have slowed down or mellowed out, but for Health, there’s always a need for more dog. These days, John Famiglietti finds himself spending more time behind a computer screen than an electric bass. In fact, the instrument is missing on all but one track on the group’s latest, Vol. 4: Slaves of Fear. It’s a byproduct of a band willing — and even eager — to continue adapting. There was a six year hiatus and a change of record labels before the previous album. An shortly after its release, longtime guitarist/synth player Jupiter Keyes left the group.But Famiglietti and the rest of the band still have plenty left to say and lots more dog left in it.

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