Episode 331: Lauren Weinstein


In 2015 Carriers became Lauren Weinstein’s most critically acclaimed work to date. The five-part webcomic series found the cartoonist winning widespread recognition and a number of awards, including The The Society of Illustrators’ Gold Medal.  Weinstein’s work has never shied away from the personal, but motherhood has found her examining her own life even more intently than earlier work. The series explores the anxiety and fear of discovering that both she and her husband are carriers of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis. After the birth of her second child, the artist says she’s ready to finish a long awaited (15 years and counting) book about her own teenage years — one that may finally arrive as her own oldest child becomes a teenager herself. Weinstein also works at the School of Visual Arts, teaching both teenagers and continuing education students. In another life, she was also the lead singer of New York-based art rock collective, Flaming Fire.

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