Episode 335: Bruce Hornsby


It’s been a long day of press, but Bruce Hornsby is firing on all cylinders when he arrives for one final interview. Absolute Zero is the artist’s most-hyped record in years, courtesy of collaborations with the next generation of artists, including Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Hornsby, it seems, is just hyped up himself, speaking in pilot lingo, as he passes through reception. I jury rig a microphone setup up for him, stacked atop a pile of books to accommodate his 6’4 frame. When we launch into the interview, its hard keeping up with the 64 year, as he holds court on everything from social justice to a life-long interest in atonal modern classical. It’s a brisk and fast-paced recap of a fascinating career that has included radio hits, a stint with the Dead, several Spike Lee scores and a handful of bluegrass records.

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