Episode 345: Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (of Bad Books)


2010 to 2012 was a busy time for Bad Books. By the end of its first two years, the band had two LPs and a tour under its belt. It was easy enough to hit the ground running, of course. Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull and Robert McDowell met Kevin Devine on tour, an opening act slowly ingratiating himself into the band’s live set. The fit was so perfect the trio began a new group with a new name. By 2013, however, the group went silent. Seven years after their last full length, the group is back with the simply titled Bad Books III, out this month on Loma Vista. The new record is the product of more mature artists, both in terms of music and subject matter, dealing with topics like parenthood. Ahead of the new record, Hull and Devine joined us to discuss song writing, collaboration and Elliott Smith.

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