Episode 359 (Bonus): Joanna Sternberg


The first thing you learn upon meeting Joanna Sternberg is that they want to be your friend. It’s nothing about you, specifically, mind. They would love to be friends with everyone, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. The second thing you learn, quite probably, is Sternberg’s lifelong love of Motown bassist James Jamerson. It’s a fact pertinent enough to be list in the two sentence bio at the top of their website. The Funk Brother may stand head and shoulders above the rest, but Sternberg’s love for music is deep and varied, influence that’s left its marks on a life in music that includes orchestral lessons on the piano and double bass. But Sternberg’s third record (and for reasons we go into, the only one currently available online) Then I Try Some More presents singular voice. It's a soft-spoken indie folk that draws on a classical education and an idiosyncratic singing voice to tell stories of love, addiction and penguins.

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