Episode 362: Lou Barlow


When he was 16, Lou Barlow formed Deep Wound. Two years later, he and the hardcore band’s  drummer, J Mascis would create Dinosaur Jr. (then simply Dinosaur), one of alternative’s most beloved and influential groups. Barlow stuck around for three albums — regarded by many as the band’s best. That would have been enough to have cemented his status in the indie rock pantheon, but the music would go on to form an additional pair of hugely influential groups: Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion. The former, in particular was a defining voice of the genre’s lo-fi revolution. And like Dinosaur, the group resumed operations earlier this century, now boasting a pair of post-hiatus LPs. 2013’s Defend Yourself was met with largely positive reviews, though Barlow is quick to dismiss certain aspects as the result of a particular rough patch in his personal life. This year’s Act Surprised, however, finds both Barlow and the rest of the group in top form.

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