Episode 363: Denise Kaufman (of Ace of Cups)


In November 2018, Ace of Cups released their self-titled debut. The album arrived more than 50 years after the band’s formation. With several tours and a second double album on the way, it’s clear the group has every intention of making up for lost time. The groups was an anomaly during its first go-round. The all-female rock quintet shared stages at legendary venues like the Fillmore with the likes of now legendary contemporaries like Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. They shared a studio with John Fogerty’s pre-Creedence garage band, the Golliwogs. Ex-pat Jimi Hendrix told Melody Maker that the band was his favorite thing about the States. What sounded like a recipe for superstardom had fizzled by the early 70s. With the band reunited, singer and bassist Denise Kaufman joined us to discuss the band, her time with Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters and why the Kawaii-based yoga instructor still has hope for the future of humanity.

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