Episode 364: Adam Lisagor


Some time in six or so years since I last sat down with Adam Lisagor, something strange happened. He became a nationally broadcast product spokesperson. It wasn’t the career trajectory any of us were expecting, but here we are.  Over the years, the video producer had begun to appear on camera during his signature well produced startup ads. But it was TrueCar that made him a in inescapable presence during nationally televised commercial breaks. For those who’d come to know him as Lonely Sandwich on Twitter and through (relatively) small but loyal online offerings like You Look Nice Today, it was odd watching Lisagor become a kind of peer to a Flo from Progressive or the “Can You Hear My Now” guy. A lot, too, has changed with his production house, Sandwich Video, which has grown to include brands like Starbucks alongside Series A startups. Lisagor joins us from his Los Angeles offices to discuss the journey and newfound focus on music video pet projects.

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