Episode 366: Swamp Dogg


There will never be another Swamp Dogg. At 77, Jerry Williams Jr. has had one of the most fascinating and diverse careers in popular music. It’s hard to believe the same man created the psychedelic funk of 1970’s Total Destruction to Your Mind, manage a young Dr. Dre, and penned the country standard, “She’s All I Got. While his career career and life have hit plenty of rough patches, he’ll be the first to admit that he’s been incredibly lucky when it comes to music. Covers and samples have helped keep his work relevant through the decades, even as he refused to play live. Last year, Williams’ embarked on the latest stage of his eclectic career with Love, Loss and Autotune, a new collection of song created with the help of Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. The high profile released has seen the musician embraced by a new generation of fans drawn to his soulful tracks and biting humor.

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