Episode 380: Richard Wolff


In 2019, Professor Richard Wolff was everywhere. He published two introduction to economics books — Understanding Marxism and Understanding Socialism — hosted a weekly YouTube show and podcast and made countless media appearances, all while serving as a visiting professor at New York’s New School.As he offhandedly points out during this conversation, we were his third podcast appearance of the day. It hasn’t always been like this, of course. The notion of a Marxist professor becoming a media darling would have seemed a crazy notion a mere decade or so ago. Wolff’s media prominence has come in the wake of financial collapse, Occupy Wall Street and a new wave of leftist politicians that made once verboten words like “socialism” mainstream political talking points. For decades, Wolff has honed a manner of plain spoken deliver of breaking down complex economic and political concepts that have perfectly positioned him to bring such ideals to online media.

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