Episode 381: Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga (of Fastball)


It hasn’t always been easy for Fastball. Some night, weeks and even years, playing rock and roll music can feel futile, especially when it’s not clear when the next show might be. But neither Tony Scalzo nor Miles Zuniga hesitate for a second when asked if they’re doing exactly what the should be. And while the future of the Austin band hasn’t always felt certain, the group has remained remarkably consistent. Now in their 25th year, Scalzo, Zuniga and drummer are clearly in it for the long haul, making the most out a lifelong career. The group broke quickly, a mere three years into its existence, when their sophomore album, All the Pain Money Can Buy yielding alternative rock staples like “The Way” and “Out of My Head.” 2000’s fittingly titled followup The Harsh Light of Day marked the end of their radio career, but the beginning of a growth as a band, building up a loyal following. In 2019, the group released its seventh LP, The Help Machine

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