Episode 385: The Milk Carton Kids


We don’t have a lot of time. I’m setting up my gear in some Sirius-XM meeting room, while Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan order lunch. They get something nice, a welcome change from the usual road fare. The Milk Carton Kids just finished an appearance on Steve Earle’s show, chatting with the country legend following an appearance on the Howard Stern after show. It’s a bit of cultural whiplash, but the duo take it in stride. The soft-singing, tight-harmonies indie-folk group found success only after pairing up, but since their 2011 debut, it’s been a steady rise. The group have become NPR darlings and have played alongside some of the genre’s biggest names. This time out, however, they’re giving a nod to humble roots, with the on-the-nose Very Small Venues at Very Low Ticket tour, which finds them performing far more intimate sets for a hardcore fanbase.


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