Episode 386: Kevin Huizenga


With The River at Night, Kevin Huizenga found his perfect hook. Casting his go-to surrogate Glenn Ganges as an insomniac, the cartoonist discovered an ideal frame for storytelling that that runs the gamut from the beginning of earth to the dot com bubble burst. It’s peak Huizenga, really. The work belies the cartoonist’s love of learning, visualizing a stream of information that leans heavily on a love of science drawing and history. The book taps into the same sense of delight in discover that permeates much of his work, with regular detours that are served well by the mental restless that can make sleep so elusive for so many. Set to the chaotic sounds of downtown Brooklyn early on a rainy Saturday morning, Huizenga discusses teaching, the business of comics and the possibility of embracing scientific drawing in a fuller form.