Episode 056: Paul Hornschemeier


I tried to interview Paul Hornschemeier back in February, on getting a bit of last minute news from his on-again, off-again publisher Fantagraphics that he would be in the city for an event at the Strand bookstore. We missed one another, like podcasting ships in the night, but the cartoonist promised that he would be back soon enough, visiting to work on some project or another.  He delivered on that promise a couple months later, at the MoCCA independent comics festival, where he tapped me on the shoulder and introduced himself. I’d had no idea he was going to be at the event — then again, neither did he. After all, he didn’t have a book to promote, but opted to show up on a bit of a whim. That’s not to say, of course, that Hornschemeier hasn’t been keeping plenty busy — in fact, given the number of irons he has in the fire, it’s something of a minor miracle he’s managed to carve out a weekend at all. In addition to a handful of graphic novels, the Hornschemeier makes music, animates and has recently tried his hand at writing and directing films. Just last week, his latest project hit Kickstarter with a splash. The short "animated crisis" Giant Sloth is well on its way to its $25,000 goal, with around $19k pledged as of the writing of this — a fact no doubt helped along by a voice cast that includes Paul Giamatti and comedians Jason Mantzoukas and Kate McKinnon.