Episode 258 (Bonus): Gina Wynbrandt


When I first encountered Gina Wynbrandt’s work at MoCCA Fest a few years back, the Chicago-based cartoonist seemingly came out of nowhere. Here debut book, Someone Please Have Sex With Me was the hands-down hit of the show — and for good reason. The book is an unflinchingly and often brutally hilarious look at sex that turns some of alternative comics’ most unshakable tropes on their head. “I read so many comics about the ugly male cartoonist in live with hot women,” she explains during our chat, “and I wanted my shot at it.” A followup minicomic, Thank You, follows in a similar vein, with the artist beginning the reader to help her foot the cost of a handsome male escort for the night. She debuted the book at Comic Arts Brooklyn, where we sat down for our chat — one she was finished setting up the giant Justin Bieber blanket on her table.