Episode 032: Robert Newsome


Recorded at Java Joe's in Athens, GA, the editor of the Atomic Elbow zine gives us a long overdue lesson about the world of professional wrestling.


Episode 031: Dave Hill (Pt. 2)


Still aching for some hot Dave Hill action after that last hour-long interview? Good news: we squeeze another half hour out of the comedian on hearing the news that he would be taking over the Tuesday night slot on WFMU from Tom Scharpling's beloved Best Show.


Episode 030: Dave Hill (Pt. 1)


Come, sit down and enjoy some light jazz trumpet at a Greenwich Village coffee shop with Dave Hill. The Tasteful Nudes author joins us for what turns out to be the first of a two-part interview. We'll be following up with the comedian soon to discuss his upcoming WFMU show. In the meantime, we talk suits, cable talk shows and piloting a pedicab through the streets of New York.


Episode 029: Will Cullen Hart


We pulled up a lawn chair in the Will Cullen Hart's cat-infested backyard in Athens, GA to discuss the Circulatory System / Olivia Tremor Control frontman's two upcoming records, the recent loss of his lifelong friend and songwriting partner Bill Doss and his on-going battle with MS.


Episode 028: Travis Morrison


The lead singer of the Dismemberment Plan makes some pretty solid arguments in favor of getting Bob Mould to appear on The Simpsons. And with that you know pretty much everything you need to know about this conversation.


Episode 027: Peter Bagge


Spend an hour or so at Seattle's Whisky Bar, discussing the life of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger with Hate cartoonist Peter Bagge. Seems as good a use of your time as any.


Episode 026: Paul Pope


We sit down with the Battling Boy cartoonist at one of his favorite New York City haunts to discuss just about everything. There's mythology, filmmaking, giant robots and superhero archetypes.


Episode 025: Julie Samuels


We happened to swing by the Electronic Frontier Foundation's office the same day the digital rights organization filed a challenge to Personal Audio's podcast patent suits. Thankfully, the EFF's Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents Julie Samuels and her dog Daley took the time to meet with us.


Episode 024: Tim Stevens


Engadget's former editor-in-chief (and my former boss) sits down at a noisy Manhattan diner to discuss the state of tech journalism and his nascent novel writing career.


Episode 023: Al Burian


We meet the Burn Collector author at a cafe in Berlin to discuss teaching comics, the legacy of World War II, surviving as a writer and cold war era punk rock.


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